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Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us.  We are a marketing consulting firm, located in Charlotte, NC committed to helping you achieve sales growth using measurable, accountable, results-based marketing.

Let me take a few minutes to provide you with some context about my background and why your business can be successful when working with us when we deploy our Four Step Marking System.

I wasn’t always in Certified_Professional_Internet_Marketer Imagemarketing.  My undergraduate degree is in mechanical engineering.  I started off as a manufacturing and process engineer for a company that serviced the Biopharmaceutical industry.

In that industry and in that function we were always striving for continuous process improvement – how could we make the product and process better, more reliable, achieve higher quality and better yields to decrease cost and improve margins.

Always at the forefront was exceeding customer expectations – create raving fans.  To accomplish that it all started with processes and systems.  Every step was documented, measured and analyzed against baseline metrics.  Every cost was known and in each step if the yield deviated below the baseline or something didn’t go as expected, the manufacturing and quality team went back and analyzed what went wrong and how to prevent it from recurring.

The Fours Step Marketing System is no different.  We work with you to help you determine your baseline:  What is your cost to acquire a new client?  How are leads currently being captured?  Is there a system in place that automates the process and measure performance against each marketing dollar spent? Is there a feedback or reporting loop in place that allows you to identify what marketing campaigns are hitting or exceeding your marketing and sales goals?  Finally, are there marketing campaigns that are under-performing and need to be corrected?

Measurable, accountable marketing that drives sales to new heights is what we are after.  I invite you to schedule a call with us to discuss how MFB Marketing Solutions can help you grow your sales.  I can’t promise you anything.  We only take on a limited number of clients each quarter, but we are willing to take 30 minutes and see if we can help you.  During the conversation we will give you some guidance and a few free marketing tips.

To Your success,

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