Four Step Marketing truly cares about your marketing dollars. That’s why we strive to ensure our clients see results and a high return on investment for every dollar they spend on marketing. That’s also why Four Step Marketing believes strongly in the power and results of direct response marketing.

What’s Direct Response Marketing?

Direct response marketing gets a prospect to take action. Unfortunately, most of the marketing out there today doesn’t have any type of “call to action“.  These advertisers simply rely on thinking prospects will eventually hear their message and will take action on the message if they present their message enough times.

Getting Prospects To Take Action

With direct response marketing, the whole goal is getting prospects to take action, not just coming up with something like a clever commercial that people will forget in a week or two.

It also follows along with step two of the Four Step Marketing Method — Platforms and Offers. The best way to approach direct response marketing is to encourage a prospect to take action by opting in for your free offer. By opting in, the prospect raises his hand and says, “Hey, I’m interested.”

By providing a free report, free audio, free DVD or any other free offer when prospects opt in to receive it, you’ve captured the lead. Now you can start your marketing follow up. This is what direct response marketing is all about — getting a response so prospects identify themselves then you can follow up.

Responses Without Offers?

While giving your prospects a free offer in exchange for their contact information is the best way to get a response out of them, it’s not the only way. Direct response marketing offers a number of different ways to generate leads through traditional means like television commercials, radio spots and magazine ads.

Want To Learn More?

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Direct response marketing makes sense and it works. It’s all about getting people to take action and identify themselves as a prospect so you can close the sale.